The unique micro-climate of Sicily, with its volcanic soil, hot weather, and year-round, active insect population, has played a big role in making blood orange juice such a powerful and healthy treasure chest of nutrients. After all, Nature had to build a pretty robust plant to produce this valuable fruit in such an environment—and in a couple thousand years, man has improved this further with his breeding programs.

All of the phytochemicals found in blood orange juice—with fancy names like flavonoids, anthocyanins, and coumarins—are really just fruit protection agents for the plant. In essence, each of these compounds is a repellant to ward off insect, bacterial, and fungal pests. With a lot of different kinds of insects and active microbes, the trees need to make very, very rich and diverse cocktails of these natural products in the hopes of warding off the widest possible array of active pests. (which explains why some of these compounds are highly active anti-microbial agents, too).

VioVi's unique Blood Orange Juice is thanks to the use of world class production and preserving technologies such as “Flash Freeze” contains the richest, most bioactive, and most diverse cocktail of antioxidants and micro-nutrients of any commercial juice product.

Product of Italy

VioVi Juice from Blood Oranges