VioVi Health Benefits

Recent scientific studies have highlighted how Blood Orange Juice (BOJ) provides the healthiest antioxidants, given the phenomenal bioavailability of Naringenin and Hesperedin antioxidants after intake. This remarkable benefit is due to the unique synergy with other elements in the Italian juice, such as the carotenoids. Here we highlight a few areas:

VioVi Inhibits Fat Accumulation

Blood orange juice inhibits fat accumulation, according to the Journal of Obesity (see Dec. 2009 article).

VioVi Supports Brain Functions

Blood orange juice slows down the damaging effects of aging on nerve cell function and behavior by reducing oxidative stress. In addition, anthocyanin's anti-inflammatory properties keep blood flowing smoothly. This not only prevents hardening of the arteries, but it provides energy for mental functions and supports a bright mood.

VioVi Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Flavonoids from blood orange juice are known to have strong free radical scavenging activity, which can help prevent or delay the development of arteriosclerosis, a major contributing factor to heart attacks and strokes.

VioVi Supports Skin Health

Visible signs of aging can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which causes oxidative damage to skin cells in exposed skin. A study by Proteggente show that blood orange juice reverses it. Plus, its high content of Vitamin C enhances collagen, giving a youthful look to your skin.

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